Movement Lesson: What is it?

Movement Lesson is an alternative therapy using rotation and a gentle touch to teach the body how to optimise its functional movement.
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Movement Lesson TM is an alternative therapy using rotation and a gentle touch. As a result, it teaches the body how to optimise it’s functional movement. Consequently, sessions link body systems to allow you to move better. It habilitates by teaching the body new skills. Prehabilitates by helping reduce injury risk and prepares the body for operations. Furthermore, it aids the rehabilitation process following injury & operations.

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Working from home? Sat at a desk for too long? As a result are you getting back or neck stiffness/pain? Do you feel that your movement is restricted?

Movement Lesson can help!
Worried about your child’s development slowing down during lockdown? Don’t worry you’re not alone!

Get a Movement Lesson assessment and book some sessions to help.
Are you an elderly person worried about your ability to move and stay active?
Alternatively are you worried about an elderly family member?

Movement Lesson can help!

What is a Movement Lesson session like?

Below is a personal account from a client after participating in sessions for a month. It’s taken from a blog on the Parent Suportal website:

“Before Blue Skies, I had never even heard of Movement Lesson. Then I had a very basic idea of what it was & what it involved, based on learning the basic definition, purpose & approach. Yet still, especially given that it was prior to me conducting my research for this blog, I went into my first session with little to no preconceptions or expectations. In fact, even though I knew what Movement Lesson worked on, and that many clients it was helping had similar physical limitations to myself, (born via C-section, Cerebral Palsy & hypertonia), I hadn’t really given much thought to how the approaches could apply to my needs and help me, personally.
But, knowing that this holistic therapy had the capacity to do so, and trusting the informed intuition of the multidisciplinary team at Blue Skies, I was open to it.
I would say my first main impression was surprise at how gentle and comfortable it was! I hope this wasn’t because I had subconsciously come to expect some level of pain/discomfort with therapy, but when chronic pain becomes part of the territory of your daily life anyway, I suppose this is a very real possibility.
I think I’d also fallen victim to believing the saying, ‘no pain, no gain’ – because how could something so pain-free really be that effective?
But, wow, Movement Lesson UK changed my perspective on this. Whilst initially opening up my eyes to just how much restriction there was in my lower body and, also, the level of disparity between the stiffness level on each side, the week of my first session I noticed just how much easier it felt to move! 
A particular problem area I have is in my left hip, (and then obviously tension in my left leg can stem from this). Before any intervention from Movement Lesson UK, I could often feel a burning sensation in the joint, like it could have been inflamed; movements also felt ‘clunky’, more effortful and restricted; and any clicks felt similar: more ‘dull’ and like a crunch, closer to the hip ‘grinding’, as though there were fragments in the joint that were interfering with an effective release of air that is meant to be the result of a click.
In the days following my first session, it was like my hip had been ‘cleared out’ almost; I didn’t notice any of the uncomfortable burning sensation, it was less effort to move and clicking in the hip felt clear, open and effective. Scott was actually able to put words to something I didn’t even realise I had been trying to describe, after experiencing it: ‘movements felt lighter’ – even slightly more floaty – more towards how I imagine most people should be able to move, when they are moving properly and their movements are functional.
Come the second session and already the difference was undeniable, and noticeable almost immediately, within the first few movements! There was less resistance from my muscles and movements were able to be taken further and made larger.
I even still wondered, approaching sessions beyond this, whether there was such a noticeable change after the first session because there was so much scope for improvement, from the level of spasticity in my body to begin with. Once this already felt as though it had been so effectively reduced by Scott in the first hour, could there really be that much follow-up progress noticed?
Simple answer? Yes.
In my time between sessions, they were helping to maintain a better level of movement, and reduced the level of pain and discomfort in the hip. Then back in sessions progress could be identified, maintained and even made further.
Overall, I may have first questioned whether I was more surprised and impressed by how painless a therapy could be, or how quickly such a positive change could be noticed. But I soon realised that, actually, I was surprised by the co-existence of the two: how could a therapy, which felt so painless and gentle be so effective, so quickly?
It was safe to say this was a combination I had never experienced, (and didn’t know anyone could), in all the interventions I had been given as a child, but it is definitely one that I’m sure many parents and children alike will be glad does exist!”

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