Movement Lesson: What is it?

Movement Lesson is an alternative therapy using rotation and a gentle touch to teach the body how to optimise its functional movement.
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Movement Lesson TM is an alternative therapy using rotation and a gentle touch. As a result, it teaches the body how to optimise it’s functional movement. Consequently, sessions link body systems to allow you to move better. It habilitates by teaching the body new skills. Prehabilitates by helping reduce injury risk and prepares the body for operations. Furthermore, it aids the rehabilitation process following injury & operations.

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[She] has been doing amazing this week with head holding and her awareness has increased so much more! It’s definitely down to the intensive. She got star of the week because even her teacher noticed such a big improvement!”

Feedback following a recent weekend intensive

Using stimulation, researchers found a direct connection between the vagus nerve and learning centers of the brain. Vagus nerve stimulation, they discovered, increases learning in a healthy nervous system.

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