Movement Lesson UK: My Story

Hi I’m Scott…

I’m the owner of Movement Lesson UK Ltd and only the second qualified Movement Lesson practitioner in the UK.

Firstly, a little bit of background. For ten years I was a Sports Lecturer and Football Coach working in Sixth Forms, Colleges and Football Clubs across the North West. I taught anatomy & physiology, how the body moved and why. Furthermore, I am currently completing a PhD linking intelligence with sports performance. Meanwhile, I became a UEFA B qualified football coach. Similarly holding coaching badges in Coaching Disability Footballers, Handball, Rugby Union & Volleyball. As a result, I understand and appreciate movement and what the body is capable of. I know how to move and how to teach. However, that’s not why I am here. 

An Early Arrival

My Movement Lesson story started in March 2017 when my daughter Quinn arrived 15 weeks early via emergency c-section weighing just 710g. My partner suffered a prolapse umbilical cord resulting in Quinn being starved of oxygen. She was blue & floppy on arrival. After being given breaths, Quinn was transferred to NICU where she was ventilated, fed via a nasal-gastric tube and had damage on the brain. We spent nine months in hospital. The prognosis was bleak. The hospital told us to “wait and see” and not to expect much.

We didn’t ‘wait and see’. We researched & researched and embarked on Quinn’s therapy journey. This led to a range of alternative therapies that have all helped Quinn, but one really struck a chord with me. I saw Quinn enjoy being in a therapy session. Observed her play facilitated. I saw Quinn at the centre of the lesson doing what she wanted to do. I saw Quinn encouraged to move. Most importantly I’ve seen Quinn move differently, more coordinated. Consequently, I wanted to learn how I too could help Quinn.

As a result Quinn can now sit independently for short periods, stand when leaning against a support, whilst also walking and crawling with support. Likewise, she is constantly learning more words to sign and displays cognitive understanding expected of her age . She is intelligent, funny and determined. Everyday she defies the Drs assessments and she has certainly taught me what the brain is capable of given the right opportunities. However, I believe that had we followed a standard, traditional therapy programme this would not be the case. That’s where Movement Lesson comes in. 

Movement Lesson TM

Movement Lesson TM was created by Michelle Turner in Phoenix, Arizona. It teaches the body how to move more effectively by integrating the body systems. New skills and movements are taught or made more efficient through the use of rotation and counter-balance. A gentle touch initiates this and allows the body to oppose gravity. As a result of training with Michelle Turner, Movement Lesson UK now offers Movement Lesson TM sessions in the UK.

So whether you are a child looking to habilitate new movements, an aspiring athlete wanting to improve your movement, an elite performer prehabilitating to prevent injury or an elderly person looking to rehabilitate after an operation, Movement Lesson could benefit you. 

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NB – (To see Quinn’s progress visit her Facebook page ‘The Mighty Quinn’s Therapy Fund’)