Services & Pricing

Initial consultation & assessment – £50

A 55-minute introduction. This includes getting to know you and an assessment of movement across midlines.

Single Session Movement Lesson – £50

A 55-minute one-to-one Movement Lesson. Throughout rotation, counter balance and weight transfer are used to initiate movements and integrate body systems.

Newborn Movement Assessment – £25

A 30-minute assessment of your baby’s movement patterns. Movement is essential in cognitive development. Consequently any impairment can indicate a variety of disorders. Help your newborn thrive by stimulating optimal movements.

Individual Movement Evaluation – £85

For this service you will receive:

  • a document that evaluates an individual’s movements across midlines.
  • recommendations for how to improve these areas and suggestions for further training.
  • a follow-up Zoom consultation that will provide further guidance and allow for questions to be answered.

To aid this evaluation you will provide videos of vision, movement and play skills. Furthermore, you will complete a new intake form about current development.