How to Move like a Successful Goalkeeper


How to Move like a Successful Goalkeeper

Sir Alex Ferguson was once attributed with the oft-championed point that attacks win you games, but defence wins you titles. One of his former players, Gary Neville has commented that a Goalkeeper is the most important position in football. Given that the Goalkeeper is the last line of defence this is easy to understand.

Even when a study found Ferguson’s claim not to be 100% accurate, Premier League Champions have still been found to possess the second best record in the division on average (Smith, 2017). A Goalkeeper is vital to a defence, so if you want a strong defence you need a strong Goalkeeper. But what makes a strong Goalkeeper? The Movement Lesson Sports Academy analyses which movements Goalkeepers require to make key saves. Want to become a successful Goalkeeper, you want to be able to produce these movements.

Goalkeeper Video Analysis

Movements Required for a Goalkeeper

A Goalkeeper Requires Good Footwork

The analysis highlights some key aspects of a Goalkeeper’s movement. Firstly, the clips show the importance of footwork and the most effective way to move across goal. As an England Goalkeeping Coach taught us on our UEFA B training it is better to be out of position than out of balance. Secondly, it highlights how this movement should keep the chest and eyes in line with ball. Furthermore, a Goalkeeper’s hands in their set position aid their hand-eye coordination and requires effective peripheral vision.

The Importance of a Pelvic Strike

Thirdly, it displays the importance of an effective pelvic strike and integration of different body parts. As a result, this allows Goalkeepers to have forward momentum and be in position for a second save. In relation to this, rotation through the body is essential to oppose gravity. This allows the Goalkeeper to get full extension on saves as they do not have a heavy body.

How a Goalkeeper Effectively uses Weight Transfer

Finally, weight transfer is highlighted as an efficient way to move. Consequently, goalkeepers can get back up quickly. As a result they can be in a position to make the next save. Furthermore, it also puts less strain on the body so reduces injury risk. 

How can Movement Lesson help?

In conclusion, all clips have big movements across goal. The ability to move efficiently and effectively is key to a Goalkeeper’s success. If you are an aspiring Goalkeeper you want to compare yourself with the best in the world. This will allow you to identify what it is you need to do to be able to move like them.

One thing is for sure they need rotation to oppose gravity and they can’t have a heavy body. They need to get up and dive easily and show buoyancy. 

Movement Lesson can help replicate these movements. For more information on how, please add your details here. You can also fill in your details if you want to improve your movement by receiving a free Movement Lesson Sports Academy self-session on hand-eye co-ordination. Also subscribe to our Movement Lesson Sports Academy YouTube page and follow our twitter @_ML_UK for regular updates.

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