Can improving Jason Roy’s Pelvic Strike make him a force in the Test arena?


Can improving Jason Roy’s Pelvic Strike make him a force in the Test arena?

The pelvic strike plays a key role in movement effectiveness and efficiency. As a result it can be essential to batting in Cricket. This analysis on the Movement Lesson Sports Academy compares the pelvic strike between Jason Roy and Laurie Evans in the Vitality Blast 2020 Final. Subsequently, it leads us to ask whether Jason Roy could become an explosive, successful test player. Could he become a top-order power in the England test team?

Jason Roy Part One

Movement Lesson Sports Academy Cricket Analysis

Part One looks at three groups of shots played by Jason Roy. He top scored in this final, yet there were clear flaws identified in his movement. Firstly, shots were identified with a successful outcome. Then poor shots with mixed outcomes. Finally, poor shots with poor outcomes. Throughout each video there is a common theme. As you can see, a lack of pelvic strike leaves Roy off-balance, uncoordinated and relying on arm strength.

Jason Roy Part Two

Pelvic Strike Analysis

In contrast to Jason Roy, Laurie Evans demonstrated great control, balance and an integrated technique. During his shots he has a clear pelvic strike. After that analysis switches back to Jason Roy and clips of the 2019 Ashes series. Currently, this was Jason Roy’s last appearance in the test arena. His defence was exploited by the Australian bowlers. He is off-balance, falling back and collapsing at his pelvis. At times he is doubled over.

How can Movement Lesson help?

Jason Roy is an explosive presence at the top of a short form team. He was integral to England’s World Cup success. Improving his pelvic strike can help provide a better foundation for his technique. Consequently, this can help his eyes and arms excel on a solid platform in the test team. Movement LessonTM can improve the pelvic strike as well as vision, rotation, balance and integration of body parts.

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